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I'm a jewelry artist for many reasons, but mainly because making jewelry brings together my interests in nature, in color and in texture. I like combining old pieces and techniques with new materials and ideas. Currently I like fusing glass, beads and fibers. My work is holistic: it convenes my past and present, and that of others; I am able to use all the elements I like so much — stones, rocks, fossils, glass, beads and fibers. The potential is limitless. So every creation is an exciting exploration. 


Please see the EVENTS page for information about my exhibition
at the
Mingei International Museum in January 2017

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523 River Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Tel: (612) 333-5844 | Fax: (928) 832-2433



9741 Claiborne Square

La Jolla, CA 92037

Tel: (858) 729-0662 | Fax: (928) 832-2433


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